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New rifles and pistols

Always clean a brand new rifle before using it. You will be surprised at the amount of sticky grease that is inside the barrel. Take care not to damage the rifling inside the barrel. Don't lubricate the barrel or pellets with oil. The oil can cause dieseling witch will negatively affect accuracy. Also keep in mind that new airguns need a break in period. Your airgun will only start performing at its best after about 2000 shots.

Stock screws

Make sure that all the stock screws are tightened. On a lot of new guns they are not tightened proparly. A loose stock screw can cause a rifle to shoot all over the place. Check these regularly as they do come loose due to vibration etc.


This is one of the biggest causes of inaccuracy. No two rifles are the same, so the best way of finding the perfect ammo is to try different pellets until you find the one that is right for your rifle.


First of all, make sure your scope is properly mounted. If it is not mounted straight and in line with the barrel, you will get crossing , which is one of the hardest things to sort out. Also make sure that the vertical and horizontal setup of your scope is correct to avoid canting.

When the target's image is not focused on the same focal plane as the riflescope's reticle, a parallax error is the result. Target scopes have Adjustable Objectives with range markings for correction. Cheap scopes, very high power scopes and variable scopes with a very large range of power adjustment typically have the most problems with parallax. Cheap scopes often experience zero shift when adjusting the parallax, so save yourself a lot of problems by investing a decent scope.

How to hold a spring air rifle for best accuracy

Lay the forearm on your off hand (the one that doesn't touch the trigger). Never lay a spring rifle on anything but flesh — sandbags do not work well for spring guns. Do not grasp the stock with your off hand. With your shooting hand, touch the trigger and pistol grip as lightly as possible. Do not pull the butt into your shoulder and only touch the stock lightly with your cheek. The goal is to allow the rifle to recoil as much as it wants to. By doing this, you are influencing the rifle as little as possible, which allows the pellet to exit the muzzle at the same place in the rifle's recoil and vibration pattern every time. If you have ever watched a field artillery piece fire, you know that the gun recoils violently each time it is fired, yet the round strikes very close to the same place, even though it lands miles from the gun! For that reason, this method of shooting a spring airgun is called the artillery hold.

How to hold a spring air pistol for best accuracy

Spring air pistols recoil just like spring rifles. A few exceptions to the strong forward lunge are guns like the Weihrauch 45 that have the piston moving in the opposite direction. Those guns recoil to the rear more strongly than to the front. For all of them, though, the hold is the same. Squeeze the pistol back into the web of your hand with the middle finger. No other fingers should put pressure on the gun, especially the thumb. Let the bun bounce in your hand when it fires. Don't try to fight the recoil. If you hold the gun this way consistently, the pellet will exit the muzzle at the same point in the recoil cycle every time and your accuracy will be as good as that gun can produce.

Improving and tuning a rifle

It is important to understand that tuning a gun does not necessarily increase the power or ft/s (and usually doesn't) unless there are issues such as a broken or fatigued spring, a damaged seal, a rough chamber wall or a combination of those conditions and others. The logic in a tune is to improve the efficiency of the gun, to make it smoother, improve accuracy, improve consistency, reduce spring vibration, twang and recoil to make it a more pleasurable shooting gun.

The Airgun Shop (www.airgunshop.co.za) offers the follow services:

    * New / Re-crowning.
    * Sort out problems with accuracy.
    * Spring rifle tune.
    * PCP rifle tune.


Warrantee : Unless otherwise noted, all of our air guns have a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.

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