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Frequently asked questions :

Do you buy old or second hand rifles? Yes, but it depends on what it is.

How do I order? Browse through the site and select the products you want. When you are done, type up an email and send it to us. Remember to add a contact number, as well as your delivery address (we need that for shipping costs). Once we have received your order, we will send you an quote with payment instructions, as well as shipping options and costs.

What payment options do you have? We only accept EFT and CASH DEPOSITS . NO CHEQUES. Forced Cheque payment will have a 14 day waiting period.. We do not have credit card facilities, but you should be able to do a online transfer with your creditcard, similar to EFT. We only post items when funds reflect in our account. Due to the increase of FRAUD we do not post item with proof of payment only.

What is the best value for money rifle? If you are looking for a PCP, the M10 is our favourite, if you are looking for a springer, the HW50S offers the best value for money.

How many feet per second... WAIT. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!... don't fall for the feet per second hype!!!! Most rifles that are advertised at over 1000 ft/s cannot hit the broad side of a barn, so rather buy an accurate 12 ft/lbs rifle (approximately 800-840ft/s). Some manufacturers claim up to 1500 ft/s for their rifles. What they don't tell you is that they use very light pellets for testing their rifles, and the groupings the show is done at 5-7m. Those speeds cannot be reached with normal pellets.

I want a rifle that can shoot at least 1000 ft/s... See previous answer.

I want a spesific rifle but don't see it on the site... We have hand picked the products we are selling here. If it's not on the site it is either sold out, or due to bad quality and poor backup service, we decided not to sell it. Send us an email and we will let you know if it is sold out or if it is one of the products we don't want to sell due to its bad quality.

Do I need a license for an air rifle?

- Airguns with a calibre of 5.6 mm (.22 calibre) and higher AND where the power limit exceeds 6ft/lbs are still regarded as firearms and must, therefore, be licensed.
- Airguns with a calibre of less than 5.6 mm (.22) do not have to be licensed.
- Owners of airguns and antique firearms must take note that although these firearms no longer have to be licensed, the Act provides for various offences that can be committed with these firearms.
- Owners of the mentioned firearms can still be prosecuted if they use the firearms to commit crimes, to point such firearms at any other person without good reason to do so, to discharge such firearms in a built-up area or any public place without good reason to do so, to fire shots at another person, to injure another person, to damage property, to abuse animals, or handle any of these firearms while they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How does shipping work? Legislation prohibits the transport of any airguns on a plane. All rifles and pistols are therefor send with road freight. Cost is calculated according to weight and size. We can only calculate how much the shipping is going to be once you have selected all the products you want and supplied the shipping address.

I saw a rifle on the site... does it come with a scope? No, all rifle comes without scopes, unless it specifically states that it comes with a scope as part of a package deal.

Where is your shop? We have an office in Kuilsriver from where we do our distribution. Unfortunately with the economy the way it is, there are not many people who buy the top of the range airguns. Yes, we can make a lot of money by selling cheap knock-offs, but that is not the way we do business. So until things change and there are more people who buy the best products, rather than the cheapest ones, we'll only operate as a online shop. That way we can keep our costs down and sell top products at competitive prices.

What is FAC ? FAC is a term brought over from the UK. In short it means that the rifle's power exceed 12ft/lbs and that it requires a Fire Arms Certificate in the UK.



Warrantee : Unless otherwise noted, all of our air guns have a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.

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