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Weihrauch air rifles are engineered and manufactured in Germany in accordance with the latest sporting arms technology. With decades of experience and a strive for perfection and innovation, Weihrauch is able to deliver top quality, for maximum performance and a long service life.


WEIHRAUCH HW30S - The most accurate 10m springer for 3P competitions. A superior, light and well-balanced air rifle of excellent accuracy for the whole family. Automatic safety, precision adjustable "Rekord" trigger, tunnel front sight with interchangeable inserts, micrometer rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation, beech wood stock with long and handy forearm and cheek piece, rubber butt plate.

Available models and prices: (scope not included in the price)
WEIHRAUCH HW30S, Spring, 4.5mm, +- 600ft/s , R 4 300



WEIHRAUCH HW40 - precision air pistol in modern design and German craftmanship. The HW40 is powered by an internal single stroke pneumatic pump, delivering consistent velocity at just over 400ft/s without any recoill. It is quiet and very smooth. Balance is good and the trigger is a precision two stage masterpiece. The pistol is equiped with fiber-optic sights and is adjustable for windage and elevation. Unlike most other pistols, it has a dovetail rail for scope mounting. The automatic safety and the pistol grip fits for right and left handed shooters. The accuracy of this pistol is amazing. In the hands of a good shooter, it is as accurate as most rifles in the same price range.

Available models and prices:
WEIRAUCH HW40, single stroke pump pistol, 430ft/s, 4.5mm R 2 700


WEIHRAUCH HW77 - The rifle that introduced the world to the Weihrauch underlever action. This rifle offers everything... a choice of two barrel lengths for hunting and target shooting. Removable front sight, fully adjustable rear sight assembly for eye relief, windage and elevation, with quad rear aperture setting. Rekord two-stage trigger assembly with automatic cross bolt safety. Beechwood stock with walnut finish, rubber recoil pad and extended fore-end. No matter what the application, the HW77 will always be a great choice. The HW77K is a shorter version of the original HW77

Available models and prices: (scope not included in the price)
WEIHRAUCH HW77, Spring, 5mm, R 8 400
WEIHRAUCH HW77 Special Edition, Spring, 5mm, R 9000


WEIHRAUCH HW80 - Powerful and reliable, often refered to as "the workhorse". The robust construction, the excellent accuracy and the powerful main spring guarantee an extraordinary efficiency and penetration power especially at longer distances. It features a beautifully shaped Monte-Carlo-stock (beech), checkered pistol grip, Rekord trigger, rubber buttplate and front sight with interchangeable inserts. The micrometer rear sight have 4 different notches.

Available models and prices: (scope not included in the price)
WEIHRAUCH HW80, Spring, 5.0mm, +- 18 ft/lbs, R 7800
WEIHRAUCH HW80k, Spring, 5.0mm, +- 18 ft/lbs, R 7800


WEIHRAUCH HW90 - Theoben nitro piston power! The perfect airgun for a stroll in the woods and fields. Slip a tin of pellets in your pocket, and you’re good to go. The very fast locking time and the recoil reducing system as well as its stable and solid conception are the out-standing features. Equipped with the precision adjustable trigger with automatic safety. The HW90 also packs a lot of power and will shoot standard pellets at over 1100ft/s, so be sure to stack up on some heavier ones

Available models and prices: (scope not included in the price)
WEIHRAUCH HW90, Theoben nitro piston, 5.0mm, R 8500


WEIHRAUCH HW97 - One of the finest underlever rifles ever made. Coming from the famed Weihrauch plant in Germany, it's proving to be amazingly accurate. Even if you're not a field target enthusiast, you'll enjoy shooting this rifle! It's great for metallic silhouettes, plinking, shooting spinners and paper targets, and accurate and powerfull enough to do some serious hunting. The quality of the polishing and bluing on the steel action, barrel and underlever exceeds what you'd normally find on comparably priced firearms. The stock design and balance is flawless, and capped with a soft rubber recoil pad to give you ultimate control.

Available models and prices: (scope not included in the price)
WEIHRAUCH HW97 Black Line, Spring, 5.0mm, R 7200
WEIHRAUCH HW97 Black Line, Silver, Spring, 4.5mm, R 7800
WEIHRAUCH HW97 Black Line Silver, Spring, 5.0mm, R7800
WEIHRAUCH HW97KT, Spring, 4.5mm, R 9800
WEIHRAUCH HW97KT, Spring, 5.0mm ,R 10 100


Warrantee : Unless otherwise noted, all of our air guns have a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.

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