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There are many myths about mini survival kits. The truth is it will never replace the complete kit but it can still save your life in a survival situation. The most important thing is to remember that the idea of a mini kit is to assist you in staying alive for a day or two until you can be rescued.
Example: You go on a day hike and get lost or injured. People will come looking for you tomorrow or the day after, but until then, you will need to stay alive. You can die in three hours in bad weather without shelter, you can die in three days without water, you can die after three weeks without food. Your immediate need will be shelter and fire. A small kit with the correct items can easily give you that. Unfortunately most of the commercial survival kits you can buy in stores or order online are useless. The items are either poor quality or totally irrelevant (mini knives, wire saws, credit card gadgets, slingshots, etc). Some of these items are nice to have little gadgets. I’ve used a credit card knife to cut a piece of string or peel an orange, but I won’t use it for processing wood to start a fire. I have tested it, and the blade broke off almost immediately. I’ve never seen a wire saw that is worth having either. Same goes for those mini multi tools. They are cute and (sometimes) shiny, but cannot assist you in getting the basics you need for survival; shelter, fire, water and food… yet, people spend a lot of money on it.

But, now there is a better, and in most cases, cheaper alternative. Using knowledge obtained from personal experience of building hundreds of bush shelters, military training, being stuck on a mountain in a 3 day storm, being stuck in the wild due to flash floods, etc., we have come up with some survival kits that actually work. These are not just random items thrown together because we don't know what to do with it.
Please note, EDC kit and Travelmate Survival Pack mini kits are not suppose to replace a bug out bag. They are 3 day emergency kits. ALL ITEMS have been tried and tested.



EDC kit. Everything you need in an emergency, packed in a stylish looking black pouch that can attach to your belt of be fitted to a backpack or rifle bag. There is a section that will fit most cellphones. All items supplied with it are high quality items. There are still plenty of space left in the bag for other neccessities like prescription medicine, some energy bars, etc. Each bag has 2 x zipper compartments and one cell phone compartment in front. Galaxy note 5 or Huawei P10 fits perfectly.
Size: 180 x 130 x 80 mm

PRICE: R400 (available in Army Green or Black)


Travelmate survival pack:
This small kit have most of the items you need to obtain the 3 most essential things for short term survival, namely shelter, water, fire.
There are still plenty of space left in the bag for other neccessities like prescription medicine, some energy bars, etc.

Leave one in your car or throw it in your backpack.
Size: 8 x 20 x 12cm




Tactical pen - Made of tough aircraft aluminum, this pen is not just something to write with - although it does that beautifully. It's a compliance tool you can use to inflict pressure pain, a window smasher to gain access through glass, and a kubotan all in one.

PRICE : R185

The Benefits Of A Tactical Pen
Everyone likes to feel safe. Whether it be safe from the dangers of other people, or simply safe from worrying about not having the tools you need, safety is one of the most necessary feelings people have. Unfortunately, safety isn't always easy. There are a huge number of dangers out there, and you can't prepare for all of them.

Many people would say that carrying a gun or a knife will help keep you safe, and that may be true. Certainly, a gun gives you a lethal weapon to use against potential attackers. A knife gives you a potential weapon, as well, and also allows you to have a tool should something come up. However, both of these things have their problems.

Guns are disallowed in many places, and there's a lot of social problems in carrying around a lethal weapon. Even if it is your constitutional right to carry one, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to carry everywhere. And knives face the same problem. They're potentially lethal weapons, and many people will always see them that way. They can also make you more of a target for anyone looking for trouble. If you have a knife but they have a gun, they may decide that you're still an easy target, and feel justified in attacking you because if you weren't looking to get attacked, you wouldn't have been carrying a weapon. Faulty logic to be sure, but no one ever accused criminals of being rational.

Luckily, there are certain tools that you can carry that will function both for self defense, and for proper tool use. The tactical tool is becoming a huge product market these days, and for good reason. Most tactical tools give you a self defense weapon, and a functional tool that can be used in any situation you might need such a tool for.

And what could be more useful than a pen?


EDC bag. This stylish looking pouch can attach to your belt of be fitted to a backpack or rifle bag. Each bag has 2 x zipper compartments and one cell phone compartment in front. Galaxy note 5 or Huawei P10 fits perfectly. Also great for carrying your extra pellets.
Size: 180 x 130 x 80 mm

PRICE: R85 (available in Army Green or Black) *** Phone and pen is for demonstration purposes and is not included ***


ROYAL DINGHY POCKET FISHERMAN. One of the coolest fishing gadgets you'll ever see. You never know when you'll want to have a fishing rod. Personally I've had many occations when I thought to myself, "I wish I had my fishing rod here". But then I got myself one of these... I never regret it. It folds up to fit in you bug out bag or glove compartment and you can store lures or hooks in the handle.



GANZO G619. The GANZO G619 is a quality stylish EDC pocket knife. The 440C stainless steel blade takes and holds a great edge and is corrosion resistant. The ABS scales offer a firm grip when in use.

Overall Length: 20.5 cm
Closed Length: 11 cm
Blade Length: 9 cm
Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Blade Material: 440 C
Blade Hardness: +-55 HRC
Handle Material: ABS
Net Weight: 119

PRICE: R125 *** If you can find a better knife for this price, buy two ***


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